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Captainec.com Announces Availability of Best Quality Electronic Cigarettes, E-cig Kits & Clearomizer at Best Prices

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, May 22, 2014: Electronic Cigarettes have emerged as a healthy alternative to smoking. An e-cig doesn’t contain tobacco or any harmful ingredient and its natural and herbal ingredients are safe and eco-friendly. However, a variety of e-cigarettes are available in the market and one should focus on the best quality that is safe and healthy and also available at affordable prices. In the recent times, Captainec.com is a popular online marketplace with a range of Electronic Cigarettes and accessories that one can buy from them at the best prices.

The spokesperson of the website states that they have Kanger EVOD Kit that comes with Hangsen liquid, available in more than 20 flavorful tastes. Thus, it enhances the smoking experience of a user and its powerful 650mAh battery ensures long-lasting smoking benefits. Moreover, the kit is compatible with a series of atomizers and gives users a desired level of flexibility when it comes to choosing the e-liquid for smoking in a green and harmless manner.

The e-cig web store offers a wide variety of products that can meet the requirements of a diverse range of customers. For example, they have Vision E-Cig in their inventory which is very popular among the customers. Manufactured by Vision High Technology Company in China, these e-cigs are often appreciated for their great quality ingredients. The vaporizer comes in a variety of attractive designs and its variable voltage battery allows users to adjust the voltage according to their smoking preferences. There are several amazing features that make Vision e-cigs more desirable among the consumers.

According to the spokesperson, they have the Atomizer Clearomizer with them, which is very popular as it doesn’t have fiber fillings. It can hold a good quantity of liquid, allowing users to enjoy its taste for a longer period of time. Moreover, one can see the quantity of the liquid consumed, and can fill it again to keep smoking in a desired way.

The online e-cigarette store has a wide variety of products that can encourage smokers to switch to healthy and green smoking products. Moreover, they maintain affordable pricing as well. One may check different types of products available with them at their website http://www.captainec.com.

About Captainec.com:

Captainec.com is dedicated to providing smokers with electronic cigarettes and other accessories at the best prices. They have the best quality products manufactured by reputed and reliable companies. The website serves end-users, retailers and wholesalers with a wide variety of electronic cigs and related items.

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Telephone: +86-755-83724445
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Website: http://www.captainec.com

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