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Customized and pollution free cremation urns

United Kingdom, 22nd May 2014: Losing the loved ones in the journey of life is never an easy situation to deal with. However, it is something which people often come across and is unavoidable. There are certain rituals to be followed as soon as one of our close ones passes away. People do have options but normally generation old customs are followed which is usually a step by step process. The first step should be to choose an appropriate urn for the ashes. Urns for ashes are required to deal with the remains of your loved ones. People also scatter the ashes, bury the cremation urn and even store the ashes with the cremation urn as a lasting memory. The urns come in a variety of shape, sizes, material and color. One can select something which complements the life and personality of your loved one. To find out which kind of urn is best suited one should decide what they want to do with the ashes. 

Daisy cremation urns is devoted to offering hand-made and hand finished quality cremation urns to meet a range of demands. Bidding good bye to the loved ones as they leave the world isn’t an ordinary occasion and Daisy Cremation Urns help people make it special with their range of ashes urn. The selection of ashes urn is simplified whether it is required for burial or for storing purposes. One can make a selection from a variety of brass urns, marble urns, leather urns, wooden urns, ceramic urns and even choose other biodegradable urns suited to the environment which is pollution free. Contemporary and modern styled cremation urns are also available. 

Scatter tube cremation urns might be an option to consider as well. These products by Daisy Cremation Urns have attractive designs over them and are equipped with swing tags and carrier bags to facilitate travel and easy carrying. Manufactured from biodegradable cardboard, these are usually lightweight and easy to use. Scatter tubes are a modern concept compared to the traditional means. They can be used for scattering the ashes of the loved ones at a specific location and also for burials at the sea. 

Biodegradable funeral urns can be a choice of those people who are environment conscious. These products are available in numerous colors and sizes. Specially designed keepsake urns are also available which can store small amount of ashes. It might be an option to consider if one is looking to share the ashes amongst family and friends. 

About Daisy Cremation Urns: 


Daisy cremation has been delivering the urns all over UK for more than a decade. The daisy cremation urn products are manufactured from superior quality materials and are made keeping the environmental implications in mind. There are traditionally designed as well as contemporary funeral urns to fit various requirements.

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