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Left Deadly weapon led to the accidental death of an 11-year old girl

Negligence and carelessness will not only result to minor problems. Under certain circumstances, it may lead to a more serious situation. It may even lead to death. Just like how fire occur on an area, it may be considered an accident because no one wants it to happen but when looked upon closely and carefully examined, the fact remains that it happened because of being unmindful of one’s action that has affected not just one person but all people who are close behind. Just like what happened to an eleven year old girl, Jamara Stevens, who was shot dead by his baby brother. It is not anticipated and no one wants it to occur but it happened. It happened due to various factors that were left unconsidered.


The incident happened when Stevens was playing with her brothers and sisters. Out of nowhere, his two-year old brother get the gun, pointed it to the direction of the girl, pulled the trigger and left the girl lying on the floor with no life at all having the bullet went through her arms to her chest and to her heart. Who would have survived such a fatal shot? When her mother, Tiffany Goldwire, was asked about what exactly had happened that leads to the accidental death of her daughter, she narrated that her children were playing at their bedroom on April 5. Unfortunately, his boyfriend left the gun at the other room, it was the gun used for shooting the girl. From this point, one can deduce that their irresponsibility to look after their children is in question and also the carelessness to place a deadly weapon anywhere.

Inability to foresee situation

With the knowledge that they are not the only one living in the house and the fact that they have children with them, they should have considered keeping the gun out of children’s reach. Of course, the baby might have think that it may just be a water gun. How on earth will that baby know that it can be deadly? The full blame will always be directed to the parent.

Goldwire who was so distressed about what happened will surrender herself at the police headquarters on Race streets ready to face the charges that might be filed against her. She leaves a message for all the mothers to take care of their kids while they still can because no one can predict what will happen next.

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