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Will Sony Think Of Cutting Playstation 4 Price As New Xbox One Arrives At $400?

The Sony Corporation’s Playstation 4 is one of the most popular latest generation gaming consoles that is selling at hot cakes at the moment. The main reason for the huge demand of Playstation 4 is its wide availability as well as its attractive price. It is lower priced than its fiercest competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One. Now, with the news coming through that Microsoft will be bringing out a $400 Xbox One SKU in the market, there is every chance that Sony Corp. would be mulling over to drop the price of its popular gaming console Playstation 4. Sony will try all that it could to keep the price of its popular gaming console lower than what Microsoft Xbox One SKU would be coming out. This would be great news for gaming console consumers and this would help in keeping the Playstation 4 ahead of its fiercest competitors. Generateur de code psn gratuit http://www.codespsngratuit2014.com/

There is going to be a great fight for the sales and popularity of Xbox One and Playstation 4 once both the consoles get sold at $400. The Playstation 4 is considered to be a bit more powerful than the Xbox One and this is the reason why it is in more demand than Microsoft’s gaming console. So, it would be interesting to see how these two gaming consoles perform during the holiday season of 2014. There is no doubt that the console that has better compelling and attractive titles will win the race. There is every chance for Sony Corporation to think of cutting down the price of Playstation 4 once the Xbox One starts to improve upon its sales in the market and becomes a dominant force. But, the sales of the Playstation 4 has to drastically drop for Sony Corporation to think of cutting the price of its gaming console.

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