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Detroit Crime Commission Combats Crime with Datameer Big Data Analytics

San Mateo, Calif., May 26, 2014: The Detroit Crime Commission (DCC) has turned to Datameer, the only end-to-end big data analytics application for Hadoop, in its effort to assist the government and citizens of southeast Michigan in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of neighborhood crime. After severe budget cuts over the past several years triggered slashes in police force staffing, the DCC is leveraging big data analysis as a new resource to combat crime by understanding how some criminal groups organize themselves, identify relationships between various criminal entities and uncover insights related to potential future crimes.

"Datameer helps us move through the intelligence cycle very quickly," said Lyle Dungy, director of intelligence, DCC. "When I was a young officer, understanding the structure of a criminal organization would take months. For example, what is this criminal’s name? We could either read through 10,000 posts to find his name or we can use Datameer to get at his name in a matter of seconds."

After researching a number of tools, the DCC found that Datameer’s ability to integrate, analyze and visualize big data put it above other tools that could only measure a sample of data, which proved especially important when combining proprietary and public crime-related data. In addition, Datameer has advanced analytic capabilities that enabled the organization to quickly discover previously unknown connections and potential future criminal activity.

"It’s inspiring to see how Datameer can help a city, ridden with crime, use big data analytics to help catch the bad guys and combat crime," said Joe Nicholson, vice president of strategy, Datameer. "We built this technology to make big data analytics accessible for everyone and give them the tools to uncover knowledge that can make a difference, which is what the DCC is doing."

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