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“Smooth Landings” Cast Dazzles On Stage at Sci-Fest in Los Angeles

Hollywood, CA: Smooth Landings is the post-apocalyptic story of an office meeting that takes place as a company tries to decide on a new direction for business now that the world has been utterly destroyed. Adams (played by Jeff Gum), Evie (played by Lily Holleman), The Boss (played by Bruno Oliver), and Smith (played by Matt Doherty) try to decide how the rest of their lives shall play out as the last 4 living human’s on earth in a hilarious comedy that will keep you laughing throughout the entire act. "We all work great together. Every time we’re on stage, something fresh and exciting happens. I love that, and the audience does as well," says Jeff Gum.

Smooth Landings

Smooth Landings, directed by Steve Kaplan and written by Soren Kisiel, debuted on stage at Sci-Fest in Los Angeles on May 13th 2014 and is set to run until June 1st 2014 (closing night of the festival). Sci-Fest is the first festival of its kind. Producers Michael Blaha, David Dean Bottrell and Lee Costello have brought this innovative new genre to life, and it has been a major hit with today’s science fiction audiences. The festival features live acts about everything from extra terrestrial life, to the paranormal--all adapted for the stage. A one-act play festival is a fresh concept in the entertainment industry, as science fiction is rarely brought to the stage. Only author Ray Bradbury has ever successfully adapted science fiction onto the stage, so the opportunity for this ensemble to shine in this genre is a great one.

This incredibly talented cast is bringing comedy to a whole new level at this exciting Sci-Fi festival. The Hollywood Reporter, LA Weekly, The Examiner, The Huffington Post and Sci Fi Sundae have all given rave reviews, calling it "Beyond Entertaining." It’s no wonder. The impressive cast has a rich history, great presence, and years of experience.

Jeff Gum is an established dramatic and comedic actor seen on popular TV shows and films such as Fox’s New Girl, In the Motherhood (with Chelsea Handler and Leah Remini) and The Smell of Success (with Billy Bob Thornton). He has also been featured on the cover of Men’s Health more than a dozen times. View his behind the scenes shots and latest project updates on Jeff Gum’s Twitter site (https://twitter.com/RealJeffGum).

Lily Holleman is an award-winning actress who won "Best Actress" and "Rising Star" awards for her performance in the film @urFrenz from Method Fest. She is also known for her recurring roles on the TV Series State of the Union and Southland. More about her latest projects can be found on Lily Holleman’s Twitter site (https://twitter.com/lilyholleman).

Bruno Oliver is an award-winning actor who has been working on stage for over 25 years. He has also played various roles on hit TV shows such as The Office, Modern Family, Castle, Mad Men, and Criminal Minds. Visit Bruno Oliver’s Twitter site (https://twitter.com/BrunoOliverAct) for Sci-Fest interviews, posters and updates about his latest roles.

Matt Doherty is 25-year veteran of both stage and screen. He has played various comedic and dramatic roles on many popular TV shows and films such as Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Bones, The Unit, ER and The Mighty Ducks.

For tickets, show times, and general information about Sci-Fest, please visit: www.sci-fest.com

About Smooth Landings

Smooth Landings is a science fiction stage show written by Soren Kisiel and directed by Steve Kaplan. The story revolves around an office meeting that is summoned for after the entire world has been devastated and destroyed. The meeting is called for to decide the direction the company should possibly take in such a situation.

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