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Heatbud introduces cool new Social Blogging features

Seattle, WA: Heatbud, the first and only Social Blogging website, announced today introduction of two powerful social blogging features that can potentially enhance bloggers’ experience.

Blog authors can now have full control of the comments made on their blogs. Authors may delete unwanted comments or report them as spam. If a comment is very useful, author will be able to thank that comment. Thanked comments are moved to the top of the list, with a cool thanks image next to them.

Heatbud users can now follow comments on their favorite blogs. Blog authors are automatically added as followers on their own blogs, but they will be given choice to unfollow, if they want.

"Heatbud is all about transforming blogs into conversations", said Krishna Kakatur, President & CEO of Heatbud. "Gone are the days of individual blog sites. Who has the time to create and maintain their own blog site? Social Blogging is the future", he added.

About Heatbud:

Heatbud is the Social Blogging platform that merges the power of Social Networking with the creativity of Blogging. Heatbud obviates the challenges of creating and owning individual blog sites. Heatbud users post their blogs in collaborative entities called Zones where they transform into conversations.

For more information, visit www.heatbud.com

For Media Contact:
For enquiries, please send an email to pr@heatbud.com.
Or write to:
Heatbud LLC,
Attn: Public Relations
PO Box 731, Bothell, WA 98041-0731

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