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Tow and Farm is a range of mowers, collectors and dispersers by Metalform

The United Kingdom, May 30, 2014: Farming and gardening is need for some and lifestyle activity for some. However, it is an easy job for either kind of people. Those who engage in gardening as lifestyle activity often have small areas to take care of while farmers and commercial gardeners have vast expanses to care for. Metalform is a sheet metal engineering company that has manufactured a range of equipment, named Tow and Farm, for all kinds of farming and gardening. It is a range of towable mowers, collectors and dispersers that make caretaking of farms convenient at all level of responsibility.

Tow and Farm is a range of exclusive farming equipment designed, manufactured and developed by Metalform in span of 2 decades. Agricultural and horticultural industries have been the focus of the company since the conception of the farming equipment range. Thus, each kind of products has been steadily and modified according to the changing need and technological advancement. Farmers, gardeners and visitors can click here towandfarm.co.uk to read more about the gradual upgrade of products launched by Metalform. Presently, there are 3 types of machines, viz., Tow and Mow, Tow and Collect and Tow and Fert. The first one is for mowing and topping; the second is for pasture cleaning and horse manure and goose poop sweeping; the third for fertiliser application.

Tow and Mow is a range of equipment that is ideal for mowing airfield, golf course and along the roadside. It is suitable for pasture topping and lifestyle mowing too. Tow and Collect is a range of equipment for different purposes such as picking up grass clippings, alpaca manure and horse manure. The range is comprised of event grounds cleaner, goose poop sweeper, turf cleaner, golf de-corer, paddock groomer, nut collector, paddock cleaner, etc. The Tow and Fert range completes the provision that any farmer may need in this age. It is a multi-utility machine that can mix and spread fertilisers, dissolved urea, bio fertilisers, etc. and can even trace the presence of elements like magnesium in the farm.

As the name signifies, all Tow and Farm equipment can be towed by any stable vehicle ass convenient for the farm caretaker or owner. The paddock cleaners are efficient in removal of unwanted elements from the farm, which is tough to be kept clean otherwise. With equipment like poo pickers for the petty and filthy task to advanced machines like Tow and Fert, Metalform provides complete set of equipment to farmers in order to make them independent and, thus, more efficient.

About Metalform Tow and Farm:

Website: http://www.towandfarm.co.uk

Tow and Farm is a range of equipment specially designed for various farming and gardening purposes. It is manufactured and sold by Metalform, which is an advanced sheet metal engineering company established by Easton Family in 1961. It has worked on projects in aviation, transport, dairy and meat industries too.

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