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Red Eye Rides – Get Home Safely after Drinking

Ohio, 30th May, 2014: Drunken driving has been the cause of concerns for the governments of many countries worldwide. Red Eye Rides is a venture by three Americans who are interested in saving people’s lives through their innovative ideas. People often venture into drinking with friends late night and end up drunk driving. It may land them in trouble with the police, evoke imprisonment or worse, end in a loss of lives. Many people often deter from taking taxis because they are hard to get, apart from being expensive. It is also a difficult task to procure the car back if they take a cab back home.

Red Eye Rides provides a driver for the customer through the night – from home to the destination, and back to home – all safely and sound. However, if anyone has already left home and is in the middle of a drinking session and wants to get back home, all they need to do is place a call to Red Eye Rides and they will provide a driver to drive the car back home.

People at Red Eye Rides are now in the process of raising funds to cover for various costs in the production of the company. From merchandise, apparel, advertising, payroll, business insurance to background checks, the costs range across diverse fields and need to be raised for the company to kick-start its functions. The goal of the initiative is to save people’s lives and help those in need.

The drivers of this initiative have decided that if they do not receive enough funds to start the business, they will contribute the raised money to an anti-drunk-driving campaign. Red Eye Rides is looking for generous contributions for its initiative to help save lives of people. If monetary donation is difficult, one can also share information about their services via Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise, one can simply inform their friends and relatives who might benefit from the company’s services.

For further details about the initiative or to contribute for the cause, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/red-eye-rides.

For Media Contact:
Name: Matt Lanning
Email ID: m.lanning@redeyerides.com
Phone Number: 614-270-7931
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/red-eye-rides

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