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LED lights offered at wholesale prices from Pealriver

China; 5/30/2014: The LED lights remain the most popular of choices when it comes to choosing lights that are both efficient and low-energy consuming. The LED lights are not just durable but also ensure lesser utility bills at the end of the month whether it concerns the household or other commercial purposes. Over the past years the technology giving birth to LED lights has evolved in a faster pace. This has already led to an upgrade in performances while taking down the costs it also suggests that the consumers need to be wary so as to avoid paying extra for the energy consumed. Whether in the domestic sphere or in the commercial areas the use of LED lights brings down the energy consumption and overall cost to a lower amount. Pealriver is Chinese company dealing in the manufacture and wholesale of LED lights. The products manufactured and sold by the company include LED flood light, LED ceiling light, LED down light, LED street light etc. The products are sold at competitive prices.

The light bulb labeling is something that has been standardized not just in China but also in the other countries. This enables the consumers to compare the light bulbs irrespective of their types. Most of the households in the present times choose to go with LED bulb light that is highly energy efficient. These bulbs consume ninety two percent less energy than what is consumed by the standard incandescent bulbs. More number of households and more number of people are switching over to the use of LED bulbs for the simple reason that they are durable, energy efficient, and for another reason which is their eco-friendly nature. Pealriver offers a complete collection of decorative commercial LED bulbs which can replace the halogen and incandescent bulbs in the existing fixtures. The collection includes SMD LED bulbs and LED bulbs with high powers and is offered at wholesale prices. The collection also includes dimmable and non dimmable versions of bulbs.

The LED ceiling lamps are gaining popularity these days and more number of households not just in China but in the entire world is opting for these. This new technology is fast replacing the traditional ceiling lamps. The LED ceiling light manufactured and sold by Pealriver has an ultra thin design and uses a high thermal conductive material to enhance the brightness and clarity of light. The ceiling lights are offered with a large dissipating area such that the system enables better convection of air. The company also manufactures quality LED panel light that includes energy saving SMD LED panel lights. These Led panel lights save about seventy to eighty percent of the total energy consumed by the traditional incandescent lights.

About Pealriver Lighting Electric Co. Ltd:


Pealriver is a Chinese manufacturer and wholesaler of LED lights. The products include LED panel light, LED bulb light, LED ceiling light, LED flood light, etc. The lights are offered at wholesale and competitive prices. For more information, visit the website.

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