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Bespoke Jeweller Amanda Mansell Joins New Portal, F&L Designer Guides

Amanda Mansell is one of the latest bespoke jewellery designers to be selected for the portfolio of a new specialised portal: the F&L Designer Guides.

Devised by two lovers of bespoke jewellery, this recently launched website aims to serve as a hub for gathering, showcasing and promoting some of the most exciting names to operate in the field across the United Kingdom. Amanda Mansell is the latest addition to a rapidly growing list, with more names expected to be added in the very near future.

Ms Mansell’s main claim to fame in the world of bespoke jewellery, according to the editors in charge of F&L Designer Guides, is her versatility and adaptability to her clients’ demands. Like most other artisans, whether in this field or any other, Amanda Mansell has her preferences, but her ability to step out of her comfort zone in order to meet her clients’ wishes is what impressed F&L’s team the most, leading to an invitation for the designer to join the website’s growing portfolio.

Aside from her laudable versatility, London-based Ms Mansell is also known for her support of British values and craftsmanship. Her production techniques are based on traditional principles that have been applied in this field for centuries, and it is a declared goal for this designer to preserve these techniques and prevent them from becoming lost from memory.

In what concerns stones, Amanda Mansell shows a predilection for diamonds, gems she initially shunned but later came to appreciate in their uniqueness and individuality. For many of her pieces, she styles these stones into minimalist designs heavily reminiscent of Art Deco. Similarly, her pieces are often imbued with a storytelling quality which further endeared the London designer to the editing team at F&L Designer Guides.

Since its launch earlier this year, the F&L Designer Guides’ portal has attracted the attention of many bespoke jewellery designers across the UK, with several having already signed partnership deals with this debuting Internet platform.

About F&L Designer Guides:

F&L Designer Guides provide all you need to know about choosing an engagement ring designer. Showcasing some of the UK’s best designers, along with tips, advice and inspirations for finding a ring that embodies your love, the F&L Designer Guides is the first stop for choosing that perfect ring.

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