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DIY Gold Engagement Rings Could Become Trend Among Couples

Self-made platinum, silver or gold engagement rings may be the next trend to emerge in the engagement ring market, after the concept has achieved a certain degree of popularity among the American public.

In fact, designers from overseas report that an increasing number of couples are seeking them out in order to request lessons in metal-smithing, so that they may forge their own silver, platinum or gold engagement rings. As a result, many of the aforementioned jewellers and designers have begun to offer this type of service as a complement to the selling of their own pieces.

Nor is this phenomenon limited to simply crafting bands; couples are reportedly happy to spend anything from $600 (£355) to $2000 (£1180) to customise their rings, either by soldering meaningful mementos onto the bands, crafting designs on their surface, adding their fingerprints or – on occasion – something even more bizarre, such as adding the teeth of family members to the finished piece! Even with the added costs of lessons in soldering and metal-smithing, this option can still turn out cheaper than purchasing pre-made or bespoke rings, which usually cost in the vicinity of $5.500, according to a 2012 study on the subject.

In terms of materials, couples who choose to make their own DIY rings tend to pick durable metals. White gold engagement rings are a particular favourite, since this metal is at once durable, attractive, stylish and popular among engaged couples. Other sturdy metals, such as platinum, are also common options for this particular style of ring.

According to designers, the process of crafting your own DIY ring is not only a good way to show your commitment and deepen the bonds of love whilst saving some money, it actually helps stimulate creativity and engages both sides of the brain, making it a positive experience where mental balance is concerned as well. This particular set of characteristics, together with the bespoke aspect of the experience, may be behind the popularity it currently enjoys among US lovers.

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