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School Travel Service Takes British Pupils Cycling In Italy

Pupils from a school in Blyth, Northumberland, will be using a school travel service to travel to Italy on a one-week cycling trip late this month, a local paper reports.

The students, who attend Morpeth Road Primary School, were given the opportunity to undertake this journey as a part of the school’s dedicated cycling programme, which has seen them develop their abilities on a bicycle for the past three years.

As part of their trip to the Mediterranean country organised by the school travel service, the children will tackle the Dolomite Mountains, on one of the most challenging trails found in that region. But while this course may appear to be a tad demanding for children 10 and 11 years old, the truth is their training has prepared them for just such an occasion. Both pupils and teachers have declared themselves ready to take on this venture, and the entire class is looking forward eagerly to their departure.

The school’s investment in cycling in favour of other, more common sports has been well vindicated, the report in local news outlet the Chronicle adds. Teachers quoted in the piece have said that the programme has helped their students’ academic and social achievements expand, as well as shown them new possibilities for dream careers beyond the usual footballer or actor. One pupil in particular has stated that his dream at the present time would be to cycle the Tour de France – an ambition this programme can certainly begin to help him with.

To help fund the cycling programme, as well as to provide them with equipment, Morpeth Road Primary School has struck a partnership with a cycling store in nearby Newcastle, whose owners will also be helping to coordinate the one-week trip to the Dolomites.

Sports tours are one of the most requested types of programmes supplied by school travel service providers, alongside charity or volunteering programmes and historic tours.

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