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Canadian Newspaper Explains Single Trip Holiday Insurance For Extreme Sports

05 June, 2014: Canadian news source, CBC News, has recently released a feature on their website advising extreme sports enthusiasts potentially interested in contracting single trip holiday insurance about the exceptions they are likely to find when taking out a policy of this type.

The piece comes in the wake of an incident in which a Canadian woman saw her CAN$500.000 (£270.000) healthcare claim turned down due to the fact that her injuries had been acquired while practicing extreme sports. This, in turn, prompted the network in question to publish a feature on their website warning potential travellers to explore the fine print on their single trip holiday insurance policies, in order to avoid this type of disappointment.

According to specialists interviewed by the writer of the article, extreme sports and other potentially grievous activities are an extremely sensitive area in the field of insurance. Certain plans will offer coverage for this type of undertaking (usually at an additional cost), but most will not account for it at all. Some do, however, offer plans more suited to a higher-risk lifestyle, which risk-seeking travellers can enquire about prior to a final decision.

Also according to the CBC News feature, even companies that do offer extreme sports coverage are not entirely consensual about what the term should imply. The specialists who came on record for this piece recommend, therefore, that prospective holidaymakers carefully go over the list of exceptions for each policy, in order to ensure that the type of activity they are planning to engage in is covered. Oftentimes, the term 'hazardous sports' may not apply to the particular activity they desire, so travellers are advised to look for a policy that is as specific as possible in this regard.

This feature is of special relevance to the Canadian public, since a 2013 survey has revealed that 35 percent of that country's residents still forgo single trip holiday insurance when travelling abroad.

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