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‘Cool’ St Lucia Activity List Could Interest Essential Hotel Collection Customers

05 June, 2014: Customers of Essential Hotel Collection booking accommodation in St Lucia are likely to be interested by a list of 'cool' and interesting activities, published by American news source USA Today, to partake in while staying on the island.

Filed under the 'travel' section on the news outlet's website, this list presents readers with five diverse and exciting experiences to try whilst in St Lucia, ranging from cookery to wilderness adventures. Most of the suggestions presented in this list are, however, balanced towards the latter. As part of the Caribbean archipelago, St Lucia is known for the even balance of beauty and thrills presented by its fauna, flora and natural landscapes. The article in question seizes upon these characteristics and brings to the surface some of the island's lesser-known potentialities in this field.

Travellers thinking of visiting St Lucia are, for instance, encouraged to visit the two peaks known as the Pitons. Gros Piton (Big Python) and Petit Piton (Small Python) are synonymous with the island, and often represented in official merchandise for St Lucia; most importantly, however, either of them is sure to delight hiking aficionados booking accommodation with top companies like Essential Hotel Collection.

Also mentioned in the piece in question, thrill seekers will have their interest piqued by the plentiful opportunities to snorkel and deep-sea dive among the island's reefs. The colourful and varied Caribbean sea-life is renowned among diving aficionados worldwide, and engaging in this activity off the coast of St. Lucia will offer snorkelers and divers staying in accommodation approved by the renowned Essential Hotel Collection plenty of chances to glimpse some of its constituents. Zip lining and forest walks are some of the other activities nature enthusiasts can engage in whilst on the island.

The Sulphur Springs, another major tourist destination on St Lucia, is another potentially interesting destination for visitors to the Caribbean. Located at the base of St Lucia's famous drive-in volcano, this attraction offers a fascinating glimpse into the volcanic core of this Caribbean island, and will fascinate even those with no particular penchant for high-thrill activities.

For those less prone to natural or high-octane adventures, the article suggests sampling some of the island's traditional Creole dishes or sampling its world-renowned rum.

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