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Telegraph Showcases Catered Chalets In A Number Of Resorts

05 June, 2014: Leading British newspaper The Telegraph recently ran a series of features focusing on several of the most popular resorts in the Alps and detailing a number of the most desirable options for hotels and catered chalets at each of them.

The series, published by the periodical’s travel writing staff on their website, consisted of a total of three separate lists, each showcasing a specific resort in the Alps; travellers were informed about Courchevel, Zermatt and St Anton.

Within each of the pieces, the list of hotels and catered chalets itself was divided according to price. ‘Budget’ accommodation was grouped together, as were mid-range and high-range options. In this way, visitors were given a better idea of what was available in their price range, at a glance.

Similarly, the lists of hotels were kept quite apart from the list of chalets, so that prospective visitors seeking one option over the other would not get confused or lost. The chalet section of each of the pieces similarly presented separate sub-lists of catered chalets and self-catered accommodation, so navigation was made even easier for prospective bookers of spring and summer holidays in these Alpine resorts.

Alpine destinations have been gaining rapidly in popularity as off-season destinations in recent years. Adding to their already considerable success as winter resorts, these locations have made a conscious effort to market their merits as potentially interesting destinations for the spring and summer months. This has caused them to be discovered by the "active holiday" demographic, who appreciate the myriad opportunities for cycling, extreme sports and nature walks offered by locations in this mountain range. When coupled with the significant number of offers and reductions tourists booking catered chalets in the warmer months can benefit from, this has helped raise the reputation of Alpine resorts as locations for an off-season break even further.

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