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Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Company Limited manufactures diverse range of laser machines and CNC routers

China, June 5, 2014: The development of laser technology has significant impact on the lifestyle of people of this age. From medical science to manufacturing industry, laser technology redefined the way things were done earlier. Today, it is a well-developed technology and Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Company Limited has played a small but crucial role in its popularisation. The company is a manufacturer of diverse ranges of laser machines and CNC routers. It manufactures engravers, cutters, markers and feeders for various purposes. Its products are used in marble, woodwork, advertising and other industries.

A CNC laser cutter by AOL has integrated function of photocopier and printer and is controlled via computer. A regular laptop with software and configuration that is essential to command industrial robots is enough to instruct laser machines developed by AOL. The company has launched several portable laser machines especially to offer flexibility to production industry. The provision of the company has been especially advantageous for small and medium-scale business owners who can now compete in the manufacturing industry with relatively greater rigour. AOL laser cutters are competitive at the global scale and have industry-class efficiency in cutting all kinds of cards, toys, lamps, pendants, enclosures and all kinds of wearable items.

AOL sells a wide variety of high-end machines for industrial utility. The function and features of machines depend upon the relevant industry and the purpose for which it is going to be used. However, AOL offers professional consultation to prospective buyers in order to help them choose the most appropriate device at the possible-best price. One laser engraving machine for sale at the official website of AOL is AOL6040. It is a small CO2 laser engraver and is cost-effective. Its efficient functions at the price for which it is available make it apt for small manufacturers. Another equally economical device is AOL6090, which is a glass engraving machine. Its design conforms with CE standards and is easy to operate.

In addition to the manufacture of efficient laser machines and CNC routers, extensive after-sale service by AOL is also a factor of distinction for the company. It provides new parts as replacement to those that start malfunctioning within warranty period. The new components are sent via express for free and are delivered within 5 days. The company offers Skype video calls to resolve issues via live video chat apart from the user manual and video-guide that are provided with every product. AOL has established many customer service centres throughout the World to provide quick technical support to its users.

About Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Company Limited:

Website: http://www.aollasercutter.com

Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Company Limited is a manufacturer of industry-class laser machines and CNC routers for various purposes. It is engaged in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales and customer service. The company has customers in all the continents on Earth. It is located at Gongye North Road in Shandong.

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Name: AOL CNC equipment Co., Ltd
Add: No. 159-32, Gongye North Road, Jinan, Shandong
Tel: +86-531-88620680
E-mail: aollaser01@aollaser.com

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