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List Of Grenada Activities to Interest Visitors to The Caribbean

Prominent American news outlet USA Today recently published a list of five activities to do while in Grenada, which may interest customers of Essential Hotel Collection’s resorts on that island.

The objective of this piece, published to the outlet’s website last month, was to provide tourists heading to Grenada with a list of little-known activities and tours they might enjoy, offering an alternative to the usual tourist attractions found on the island. The comprehensive list drawn up by USA Today encompasses activities including city tours, waterfall hikes, visits to plantations, and scuba diving to see the island’s famous underwater sculpture park.

The American news source suggests that tourists visiting Grenada begin their exploration of the island at the capital city, St. Georges. With 300 years of colonial history to its credit, this is a location that will no doubt excite those interested in the Caribbean archipelago’s past, and the way in which French and British occupation affected their present identity. Highlights of this city include the 1818 Roman Catholic Church, Fort George, and the National Museum, which offers an overview of Grenada’s history, from its early days to the present. The Discovery Train, a small trolley that criss-crosses the city, is also considered an excellent way of discovering St. Georges.

From the capital, tourists are given a number of options for their next adventure. The Underwater Sculpture Park – one of Grenada’s main claims to fame – is an obvious choice, and one diving enthusiasts will no doubt appreciate. Those who do not dive may also admire the location’s breath-taking array of sculptures from above, through one of the many glass-bottom boat tours offered by locals.

Adventurers will also appreciate the chance to hike around the Seven Sisters Waterfall, taking in the stunning views and rainforest environments, while history aficionados will not want to miss out on Fort Frederick – which offers some great views in its own right – or the Belmont Estate, a cocoa plantation that allows tourists a glimpse into the particular method through which the bean is harvested on the island.

Grenada is one of the lesser-known Caribbean locations, but has been growing as a tourist destination in recent decades, with excellent accommodation being sourced and offered through such companies as Essential Hotel Collection.

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