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A Rise in Jewellery Exports Could Benefit F&L Designer Guides Associates

A recent report concerning export volumes from the United Kingdom showed jewellery to be one of the country’s main exports, a fact that can benefit bespoken jewellery designers affiliated with F&L Designer Guides.

F&L Designer Guides, a newly-inaugurated community portal which seeks to bring together a set of especially selected designers from across the British Isles, has already managed to secure the concourse of quite a few of the most prominent up-and-coming bespoke jewellers in the country. And while all of these names are doing well for themselves in the domestic market, most would also be thrilled to have the opportunity to expand their business further afield.

The numbers presented in the latest report issued by the British Chamber of Commerce certainly seem to be conducive to this goal. They showed jewellery to be one of the key players in Britain’s slowly re-emerging economy. In the month of March of 2014 jewellery was one of the country’s three major exports, alongside motorized vehicles and aircraft. Oil was another big player in this particular month, with the UK exporting this natural resource to a number of countries across the European Union.

Overall, the report has shown a growth in the balance between imports and exports in the British Isles. The deficit in trade of goods and services, which was reported as being of around £1.7 billion in February, has recovered somewhat, and is now in the ballpark of £1.3 billion – a figure which, while still far from ideal, is at least encouraging vis-á-vis the country’s economic recovery.

Sources close to the BCC have reported that the major flaw still affecting British trade relations is the cautious attitude most companies display towards exporting, which boil down to a variety of reasons ranging from the practical to the perceived. Still, the current paradigm has shifted slightly, with most experts predicting continued growth in the volume of exports over the next couple of years. Jewellery just might have a word to say in this growth, which in turn could help the business prospects for associates of F&L Designer Guides.

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