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Costa Blanca, Spain – “Lowlifes” Steal Recycling Bins

COLD-HEARTED THIEVES have stolen two 600 Euro recycling bins and their contents which help charity EMAUS raise money to continue its community work. The distinctive blue metal containers were stolen from the Iceland car part at Benissa on 24th May and outside the EMAUS workshop on the N340 near Altea the following weekend.

EMAUS charity Recycling Bins

Before they were stolen, EMAUS had 34 of the bins scattered around Alicante collecting donations of clothes, shoes, leather bags, bedding and toys. And recycling coordinator Martin Kyme told RTN: "Anyone taking one of these bins knows straight away they are taking the food out of the mouths of children. It is a really lowlife act stealing from a charity."

He said it would take four strong men or a crane to lift the 150kg containers - which are even heavier when full. "Someone may have seen something - it must have been at night when fewer people are about but someone could have seen it and we are appealing for witnesses."

EMAUS is perhaps best known for caring for children in family-based homes through the region. However, now celebrating its 35th anniversary, the charity also cares for the elderly, the victims of domestic violence, and handicapped people.

RECYCLE: Martin said: "The recycling scheme is working really well at the moment. The weather is picking up and people are changing to summer clothes and donating more of their old stuff.

"Unfortunately the two spots are popular and the bins are always full, so they knew what they were doing." He said the thefts were reported to the Guardia Civil but he feared more would be stolen after the scheme had been targeted in what he described as an apparent "vendetta". Extra security has been put in at all sites - the bins are now securely locked and chained.

"Unfortunately, although this is a very mean crime, it is also a low priority one," said Martin. "The Guardia said if we put chains and locks on the bins and one goes missing when they cut the chain, it is a more serious matter - it goes from simple theft to robbery."

Anyone with information can email martin at martin@emausong.es or contact the Guardia Civil.

News Source: http://www.roundtownnews.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=47391:lowlifes-steal-recycling-bins&Itemid=236#

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