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An Ethically-Sourced Engagement Ring Band Not So Rare Anymore

The Fairtrade Foundation’s latest initiative aims to encourage jewellers to use ethically-sourced gold and silver by making it more accessible to them. By utilizing the new and free Goldsmiths Registration Scheme, jewellers, silversmiths, goldsmiths and designers will be able to buy certified Fairtrade metals in a finished form such as sheet, tube-casting grain or wire. Small jewellery designers will now be able to meet the growing demand for ethically-sourced engagement ring bands and fine jewellery.

The commercial account manager for Fairtrade gold, Reena Agarwal, said that; “The Fairtrade Foundation recognises that the vast majority of the jewellery trade rests in the hands of the small jewellers and this scheme sends a clear signal to the entire market that small is beautiful. Collectively small jewellers have the power to transform the national market through this scheme, so we are encouraging goldsmiths from across the country to register and help Fairtrade to transform the lives of marginalised artisanal and small-scale miners through the power of their creativity.”

Recognising the growing demand for Fairtrade gold engagement ring bands and jewellery, Ms Agarwal commented on the benefits of the programme and that, “the small jewellers and goldsmiths scheme is a great way to enjoy creating jewellery using Fairtrade certified metals and directly benefit the artisanal and small-scale miners and their impoverished communities.”

Gold miners are among some of the most exploited workers in the world and have little, or no rights. They typically work in extremely hazardous conditions and are frequently exposed to toxic chemicals and dangerous environments. Recently, such deplorable conditions have been highlighted by the media, which has raised the issue’s profile.

Ultimately, the consumer will dictate the success of any such endeavour by demanding ethically-sourced jewellery. The bridal market has the opportunity to make a significant impact to further this movement by designing and creating wedding and engagement ring bands made only with Fairtrade precious metals.

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