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‘Wondrous’ Ancient Necropolis May Interest Visitors Renting Villas In Sicily

Tourists renting villas in Sicily through top companies such as Cottages To Castles may be interested in visiting the Pantalica Necropolis, one of the eight undiscovered or lesser-known 'wonder sites' in Europe mentioned in a recent website piece by major American newspaper the Huffington Post.

The ancient 'city of the dead', which dates back to the 13th century B.C., boasts somewhere in the vicinity of 4.000 to 5.000 tombs, laid there over the course of six centuries before the advent of Christianity. This number is made even more impressive once one becomes aware that most of the chambers in the necropolis hold more than one cadaver, with some holding as many as seven. This multiplies the actual number of people buried in this southeast Sicily location manifold. It renders Pantalica even more impressive than it already was, and makes it a must-see destination for tourists renting villas in Sicily's southeastern region.

The necropolis was not, however, the only representative of Italy in this round-up of European wonders. The list devised by the US periodical featured one other location in the 'Mediterranean boot', namely Mount Vesuvius and the neighbouring ashen city of Pompeii. Like the Pantalica Necropolis, this is considered to be a must-visit site for tourists renting villas in Sicily who are interested in history or archaeology.

The two Italian locations were joined in this feature by a number of locations within the British Isles: the Giants Causeway in Ireland, the Orkney Islands in Scotland, and Hadrian's Wall, as well as by the Gibraltar Rock, off the coast of Spain but still considered UK territory. The bay of Arcachon, in France, and the caves of Aggtelek, between Hungary and Slovakia, pad out this listing of lesser-known sites in the European tourist scene.

The feature in question was published in the blog section of the Huffington Post's website, and the selections therein were personal travel preferences of the piece's writer.

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