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Let’s go to Tokyo! Get the latest Subway Surfers update

Meet the solid skater, epic surfer and graffiti artist named Jake. He is the main character in subway game. It is an endless running game. Subway game has new update which is Subway Surfers Tokyo. It is a part of Jack's world tour in 2014 cities. There are many online games player who are addicted on this game in fact Hailey said, “I'm so excited with the Subway Tokyo version!!!” .

What Subway players expect in Jack tours in Tokyo?

* The Subway Tokyo will bring Harumi the Tokyo character available if players purchase at least 95000 coins.

* The new update has also Weekly Hunt Tokens to add more thrill and excitement in the game.

* It features new challenges that will test your skills.

* Experience dodging the trains in the neon lit subways under the colorful cherry tree.

Subway was launched in May 2012 on different social media networking sites. The main characters are caught in the act of spraying and applying graffiti to a rail way that why they keep on running to escape from the inspectors. If you want to keep updated just check this site http://playsubwaysurfersgame.org/ to know more about on this amazing and exciting game updates.

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