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Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Company Limited manufactures industrial steel products

China, June 24, 2014: Steel can be classified among the most significant and useful elements man has ever invented. In various forms, it is used in nearly every industry even today. The most common utility of steel is in construction and manufacturing industry. Wuxi Fuhong is a company that has been making steel available in its most appropriate for various industries for more than a decade. The quality of products and the standard of service are the factors of distinction for the company. It deals in manufacturing and trading of only steel products, especially those that are used for heavy-duty industrial purposes.

Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Company specialises in high speed steel (HSS), hot forged steel, hot rolled round bar and tool steel. The high speed tool steel is manufactured and supplied in the form of round, square and flat bars and sheet, plate and wire. The various types of HSS that the company manufactures are cobalt-molybdenum, tungsten-molybdenum and tungsten. They have good toughness, high red hardness and excellent cutting properties. It is used mainly in drill bits, power-saw blades, cutting tools and tool bits. HSS does not lose its hardness even in high temperature. Thus, it can cut faster than high carbon steel.

HSS offers high wear resistance and can retain high hardness at temperature up to 500°C. Under recommended heat treatment, it exhibits high abrasion resistance and hardness in comparison to common tool steel. Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Company employs Steel Annealing Furnace, Crystalliser, Electroslag Remelting equipment and Precision Forging machine to produce various types of steel.

The quality of Hot Forged Steel, Hot Roller Round bar, etc. produced by Wuxi Fuhong is same as that of HSS. It manufactures and supplies hot forged steel in the form of flat, square and round bars and blocks, shafts and rollers. Some of the hot forged steel are 25CrMo4, 1045, 1.1191 and SCM440, which is widely used in statistically and dynamically stressed steel components for machines, engines and vehicles. JIS SCM440 is suitable for gears, crankshafts and cross-sections too. Besides, shafts, crankshafts, piston pins and gears of excellent quality can be manufactured from DIN 25CrMo4 too. Some of the heavy-duty products that signify the quality of DIN 25CrMo4 are tubes for transportation of pressurised gases, tool holders, stem assemblies, connection rods, structural tubing, etc.

Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Company deals with $5 million - $10 million worth of business annually. It supplies to the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. It has grown its market through satisfactory service and high-quality products.

About Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Company Limited:

Website: http://sinohss.com/

Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Company Limited is a family-run production business located in Jiangsu, China. It was established in 1998 and has been committed to manufacturing and trading of industrial steel products. It caters to orders from all over the world and has strong market in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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