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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Announces to Protect Freedom of Accused in Criminal Cases

Houston, USA, June 27, 2014: Criminal cases may devastate the life of a citizen and this is the reason why one must hire the best criminal defense lawyer for his/her case. People in Houston can rely on Attorney Mario Madrid who is a Texas Board certified attorney and is always committed to protect the legal rights of the citizens. He is a reputed Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston with over 18 years of experience and a number of achievements in safeguarding people from being convicted in a criminal case.

He maintains that it is important for an accused to get an experienced lawyer to receive the best legal solution under the legal framework of the state. “There could be far-reaching legal consequences if someone fails to protect his/her legal rights,” he states. Thus, anyone who is facing criminal charges should hire the best lawyer and one should act on the advice from criminal lawyer in Houston. A qualified criminal defense attorney offers trusted advice to the clients, allowing them to be prepared to face the court proceedings in an informed manner.

Attorney Mario handles a wide variety of criminal cases and devises a protective legal solution for his clients after studying their cases. He is the trusted Houston Criminal Defense Attorney who believes in protecting the freedom of citizens who have been implicated in any types of criminal offense such as DWI, sex crime and others. “There could be several instances when someone gets entangled in a criminal case without his/her active involvement in the offense. In such cases, one deserves the best legal solution to avoid any adverse legal consequence,” Attorney Mario reveals.

According to this Houston criminal defense lawyer, an accused should always take a criminal case very seriously. One needs to prove his/her innocence in court and this requires evidence and also the legal knowledge and skills of a lawyer. This stresses upon the need of hiring the best defense lawyer, and now one can get the advice to follow when looking for a lawyer by watching Attorney Mario’s new video available.

About Attorney Mario Madrid:

Attorney Mario Madrid is a leading Houston criminal defense attorney. He knows how prosecutors build their criminal cases and how to design an effective defense strategy that will challenge the prosecutor’s evidence and protect the rights of an accused. He has over 18 years of criminal law experience and endeavors to provide the best defense in all types of criminal cases.

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Telephone: 713-877-9400

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