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New Web Series: “Confessions of a Neurotic Cougar” set to hit the floors

Riverton, UT, USA; 27th June: A popular and successful trend these days, script writers and authors tend to share their life experiences with the masses, either as books or movies or web series. Similar is the case with the creator of the Neurotic Cougar, Tami Anderson. When a woman turns 40, she reflects upon her life, her relationships and her present condition. She still has the choice to change things if she wants to. Similar is the case with Tami’s creation.

The lead character is a woman in her 40’s and she is a single mother of 2 teenagers. After repeated persuasion from family and friends, she decides to re-enter the dating world. She decides to find for herself the perfect man, all over again. When she embarks this journey, the woman faces her own over-conscience self. She goes through many bad dates, some good ones. In short, this script for a Web Series defines and portrays the life of an initially reluctant cougar.

The idea is said to have struck Tami when she was driving home late one night. She found her own love life disgusting. Then she thought of other single mothers who must be going through the same phase, waiting to see their story playing out with others. Tami straightaway collected the different aspects of her life and penned a 6 Episode Web Series, and has so much more to tell that the Season 2 for this has been framed as well.

The makers of Confessions of a Neurotic Cougar have made available T-Shirts and Wrist Bands for their fans. They currently have a competition running, wherefrom 5 weirdest or funniest or worst real life incidents of their fans shall be re-enacted. The winners shall also receive the DVD’s of their story, filmed. The fans also have an opportunity to name one of the 3 main characters or one of the six supporting characters. Tami, apparently, is ready to go on a date with the winners. Also for grabs is the position for an Executive Producer for the Web Series.

The Web Series requires a minimum of $10,000 to start off with. As most of the cast and crew are offering free services, a major cost shall go into their well-being which includes food. Other costs include renting of props, a good sound system, and payment to Amazon, Kickstarter and Insurance. Interested contributors can click here.

For Media Contact:
Name: Tami Anderson
E-Mail ID:amimakesmovies@gmail.com
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1606808234/confessions-of-a-neurotic-cougar-webseries

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