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Newspaper Gives Tips on Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring.

27 June, 2014: A recent website article published by the Huffington Post, a leading American newspaper, provides consumers looking for a diamond engagement ring with a few tips on how to find and purchase the best one. 

There are many steps that are recommended when embarking on a significant financial commitment such as buying a diamond ring. One method of securing a positive experience is to work with a bespoke designer such as Amanda Mansell, who will create a perfect diamond engagement ring that will also be completely original and unique. The article focuses on some additional pointers that buyers should bear in mind when browsing for their perfect engagement ring. 

The first, and arguably most important piece of advice dispensed by the authors of the feature, is for couples to do their homework and consider all the options available. One of the worst – and most common – mistakes made by shoppers seeking a diamond ring is to settle for the first or cheapest option they see. While this type of impulse buy may work out nicely on some occasions, in most cases it will simply result in a product of lesser quality or a choice which, while adequate, is far from ideal. Doing a little of research will, according to the authors of this piece, help buyers make more educated decisions. 

Consumers are also reminded that value is gauged by many different standards of quality. As stated above, it is possible for a more affordable diamond to be of a high standard, but the opposite may also occur. Buyers are therefore advised to explore their options, and seek the advice of a bespoke designer such as Amanda Mansell before reaching a decision. Asking for the grading report, which any reputable jeweller will be glad to provide, is also considered worthwhile as it will give purchasers a better idea of the stone’s quality. 

Diamond shopping can be a complicated matter without the right information at your fingertips. However, even with extensive research the science of diamonds and their quality can still be confusing. Again, it is recommended that first time buyers utilize the skills and experience of bespoke designers during the selection process. With a designer’s expert advice, combined with the tips mentioned in the Huffington Post article, couples are much more likely to find and purchase the diamond engagement ring of their dreams without a headache. 

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