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A Proven Way to Lose Weight in Just 12 Weeks

01 July, 2014: The program offered at Thevenusfactorrevealed.com is ideal for any woman looking to achieve an ideal body shape. For people skeptical of weight loss programs, the venus factor is not just another system in the market. It is essentially a nutrition and fitness plan for anyone who wishes to transform her physique into something more attractive and appealing.

At the center of the system is the Venus index. For someone to know her Venus index, she would have to measure her height, hip and waist. The figures obtained will help one determine the next step. If the Venus index is more than normal, the person concerned has to lose weight and if it is less, then the user must plan to gain weight. Apart from guiding one on how to find out the Venus index, the plan also comprises the following: body centric diet guide, exercise regime, and community membership.

The Venus factor works very well, especially for women because of the presence of high levels of the master hormone in weight loss, called Leptin. This hormone controls 100% of the body's ability to burn fat. The high level of the element increases the metabolism and signals the body to burn fat while low levels of the hormone decrease the metabolism and encourages the body to store fat. While women naturally have more of this hormone than men do, they are less responsive to its signal to burn the fat than men usually do. It works out that though women have more Leptin than men, they are unable to use its fat burning abilities.

The Venus factor works to create a new fat burning metabolism in the body. It not only helps to keep a woman's hormone levels sky-high, but also ensures that they burn fat at all times, even when they are asleep. The diet plan helps women manage their Leptin levels while eating the food that they want to eat. They are also saved from the problem of weight gain after quitting a diet plan.

The affordably priced program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If someone is not impressed with the product, she can return it and get a full refund. To know more about the system, one can visit the website http://thevenusfactorrevealed.com

About thevenusfactorrevealed:

The venusfactorrevealed offers a 12-week plan that has been known to work for several women of all kinds of fitness levels. It enables a woman to enjoy her favorite foods while at the same time helping her lose the excess baggage. All it requires is the commitment and dedication to stick to the 12-week workout and diet plan for the best results.

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