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Never Say Die Attitude of Michael Artiles.

05 July, 2014: Michael Artiles has been on the front line with his immaculate, educative short movies. He is the director and composer of the Movie Nothing to Something which has received a number of positive reviews for its creativity and not leaving out the majestic nature of education it passes to its viewers. Born on 25th, January 1991, Michael has always taken interest in learning more about filming art. He strives to achieve the best out of what he does, with an attitude of never tolerating failure. If failure catches him, he still has the desire to get back on his feet and fight for his ambition.

The movie Nothing to something, revolves around Keith Major, a very successful photographer and film expert from New York City. Keith made a living out of doing photography in model auditions for commercial purposes. The movie is also based on a direct line which makes a point, that you have to have passion, supreme dedication and an extra effort of hard work for you to reach your dreams. This was quoted by Keith himself towards the end of the movie when he said, "feel like, you know, since I did not come from having lots of money, there really isn't anything to lose by going for, you know, your dreams."

The movie Nothing to Something was released in the summer of 2012. It is a short movie lasting almost 12 minutes, but despite this it has been a film to be reckoned, with none to reckon. What makes the movie famous is that it's short and carries a unique intensity in changing the mentality of people to start being optimistic in life.Nothing to something focuses on how to make it in the fashion world even if it's your first experience. Michael Artiles wrote the movie years back after coming from ash and climbing up his success ladder, hence the name Nothing to Something. Most of his funs believe that the movie is worth the recommendation and consideration it has gained so far.

Rumor has it that in the coming months there will be a huge announcement concerning Mr. Artiles. Information from a reliable source has licked critical information that will raise the heat in the filming world. What's cooking? Michael Artiles will be on the limelight again with another short movie which has similarities of Nothing to something, however, this is believed to rock the movie industry.

About Michael Artiles:

Michael Artiles was born on January 25, 1991 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA as Michael Jeffrey Artiles. He is a director, known for Nothing to Something (2012), Sense of Nature (2012)

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