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Jcount Creates a Platform to Submit your Startups for Worldwide Promotions

07 July, 2014: Jcount is an online platform for startup companies from anywhere in the world to submit their startup businesses, new products and services for creating a better awareness about them. 

Startup companies with their ventures in tech, health, travel or any other field can take advantage of Jcount, an online platform for promoting startup organizations. Companies from all over the world can submit their startup ideas, new products and services so that the whole world can know about these new initiatives. 

According to the spokesperson of Jcount, their website is providing companies and organizations with a platform to promote their new ideas among the global populations. It helps them popularizing their products and services and helps grow their businesses. Moreover, many startups also managed to draw the attention of the venture capitalists to secure business funding to run their business ventures. The spokesperson maintains that besides startups, old companies may also submit their new products, services and offerings on their website to create a wider level of awareness. 

They have a simple form for submitting a business startup, and it's hardly a matter of just a few minutes to complete the submission process. After submission, the startup business will be reviewed by a number of visitors who visit the Jcount website on a daily basis. This will help the startup gain recognition among the global web visitors and will certainly promote the business venture. 

Jcount also allows to publish funding and pitches on their website that may benefit the startup companies. The idea is to provide all possible types of assistance to startup companies to flourish and grow their business in a sustainable manner. It is a well-known fact that many good startup ideas fail to achieve their objectives for want of support they deserve. In that regard, Jcount can be considered as an important platform, helping budding entrepreneurs to promote their new ideas among the global populace. 

In the era of cut-throat competitions, Jcount helps startup companies to choose strong pillars for their success. Most new entrepreneurs remain clueless about promoting their business ideas and the website can serve as an ideal platform for reaching millions of net surfers. Their startup blogs enlist several exceptional ideas by startup companies. Anyone can help their startup ideas to feature on the blog and for submitting their startup may follow the link http://www.jcount.com/startups/submit-your-startup/

About Jcount: 

Jcount has been created to offer startup companies a platform to promote their business ideas. Even old companies can post their new products and services to create awareness about them. The website helps consumers find the best products and services by providing them with the reviews of products and services listed on the website. 

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Danni Charis
Email: info@jcount.com
Website: http://www.jcount.com/startups

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