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Pealriver Lighting Electric Company Limited provides wide range of LED lights

China, July 8, 2014: Humans have advanced significantly in optics and lightings. Besides the physical appearance, now, sources of light are mainly classified on the basis of the technology. Light emitting diode (LED) is the latest lighting technology that can be produced in various forms for the masses Pealriver Lighting Electric Company Limited is among the leaders in production of the same. The company manufactures various forms of LED from LED bulb light to be used in homes to LED flood light that are used for highlighting monuments and objects of significance. The uncompromising quality assurance, extended warranty, long list of efficient products, etc. are the provision that set the company apart from the herd.

Lead semiconductors are the main components of LED. They emit light in the form of Photons that are released as result of the recombination of electrons with the electron holes in the setup due to the application of appropriate voltage. Earlier, LED could produce only invisible light. However, contemporary LED can emit visible light of high intensity. LED panel light that is dominantly used in offices is an appropriate example of it. The range of LED light manufactured by Pealriver Lighting Electric Company Limited includes LED ceiling light, bulbs, courtyard lights, down lights, flood lights, fluorescent tubes, high bays, panel lights, spotlights, street lights, strip lights trach lights and tunnel lights. Thus, from home to tunnels, Pealriver Lighting Electric has suitable product for every place and need.

The significance of the invention of light bulb by Thomas Edison becomes more evident with the advancement of human civilisation. Light causes the perception of vision, which is the primary source of information for the brain. Thus, light is needed by humans for nearly every day-to-day work as well as office and industrial tasks. Different source and intensity of light is needed in different kind of environment. That is why Pealriver manufactures varieties of products in each category of LED light.

LED lights can have strictly utilitarian character as well as sheer decorative character. LED office light is a good example as it can be used for lighting the room as well as only for decoration on special occasion. LED lighting technology has vast applicability and is gaining popularity quickly. They are used on streets, factories, offices, boutiques, garages, hotels and homes. Pealriver Lighting Company offers 3-years warranty on all its products. It has an efficient customer service cell that deals with the issues customers face. Besides, the company has vast online information brochure for the knowledge of customers.

About Pealriver Lighting Electric Company Limited:

Website: www.pealriver.com

Pealriver Lighting Electric Company Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of LED lights. It was established in 2006 and currently covers an expanse of 2,000 metres-square in Guangdong. It is located in Jinye building at Lenin Street in Tongyi Industrial Park.

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