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Cleaning Services in Lund slashes prices up to 50% off

08 July, 2014: A professional cleaning company in Sweden that specializes in final Flyttstädning Lund and house cleaning is slashing their services up to 50% off. This includes the travel expenses and other cleaning utility charges. Prices start from 0 -49 kvm (Square meter) with the allotted amount for 3000 Kr (krona) or $ 448.26 now at 1500 kr (krona) or $ 224.13. They guarantee cleaning after cleaning inspections in order for them to identify any deficiencies and get them fixed as quick as possible as they can. The company’s opening hours during weekdays are from 8:00 until 5:00 in the afternoon. During holidays there are closed however, they also offer cleaning services during the weekends and holidays. Flyttstädning Lund provides cleaning guarantee which means that if you don’t like their service against all your expectation, they will quickly respond and correct what they’ve missed without any additional charges. Do not hesitate to call within three days to contact at 08-522454 22 or you can log on to Info@flyttstadningstockholm.se

Most housing cleaning providers don’t have a formal writing agreement guarantee of any kind. Great company like Flyttstädning Lund has accessible website, a strong guarantee will provide and offer you re-cleaning process if you are not satisfied with their services. They provide all the cleaning solutions and cleaning utilities such as vacuums, mops, windows cleaning solution and almost everything. That way, you can surely be satisfied and without any stress for running around looking for cleaning supplies for your home. Flyttstädning Lund offers numerous cleaning services depending on your home’s square meter. They aimed natural cleaning services without the use of any chemicals that can harm the environment and the health of your family members. They are committed to clean your home and currently located at Rämensvägen 1, 3tr 12055 Årsta Sweden, the company possesses and F-Tax certificate meaning it is a one man business service, the business owner himself has to pay his taxes and social security contribution.

They offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services for home and work with no hidden fees or add-ons. Now they are pleased to announce that they applied RUT deduction for their customers. When you save up to 50 % on the price and you do not have to worry about answering lots and lots of paperwork and application. All you have to do is to sign up or register with their website and fill up your details and information. In addition their utilities and cleaning staffs are all committed and professionals, meaning to say that all their employees gone through training, fully ensured and customer oriented. Your home will be free from bacteria dirt and mildew. Natural citrus - based products do not compromise your health or the environment, furthermore they use natural and recyclable paper products.

The success of Flyttstädning cleaning company is growing fast. Established with a vision to create a natural cleaning service that can satisfy each customer without using any harmful chemicals that can affect the environment and customer’s health, they are used in more than 100 homes a daily.

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