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Article On Trendy Gown Colours Could Help Wedding Dress Designers In London

09 July, 2014: An article recently published by online portal Today.com, and focusing on bridal fashion trends for the upcoming year, could be useful for wedding dress designers in London unsure of which colours and materials to invest in. Published in the ‘Style’ section of the webpage in question, this article promises to help both brides-to-be and wedding dress designers in London and elsewhere figure out what the new trending colours for 2015 may be. 

The presence of colours other than white in wedding gowns is not recent; in fact, the past couple of decades have seen brides move away (if not entirely) from the traditional white, and turn their preference towards less typical and more visually impactful colours. From pastel pinks and creams to more vivid hues such as crimson or purple, today’s bridal fashion world definitely makes space for these more offbeat creations, a trend which should continue to hold true in 2015. 

According to the piece in question, this phenomenon is largely due to brides’ desire to stand out, while at the same time shunning the traditional meaning the white colour still holds in the context of weddings. Another popular reason for brides to choose colour is the clash of white against their skin tone, the article reveals. 

In terms of the actual colours that should light up bridal runways ahead of the 2015 season, the write-up advised brides and wedding dress designers in London and elsewhere to invest in pastels. Ice white, tea rose, mauve, blush, platinum, aqua and dove grey are all proving very popular amongst brides this year, as are certain slightly stronger tones, such as gold, black and champagne. Black in particular continues its gradual but undeniable takeover of the bridal world, as more and more brides go for its smoky, elegant tones in favour of the traditional white. The article therefore considers any of these colours a safe bet for brides intending to get married in 2015, as well as for bridal designers looking for inspiration for their new collections. 

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