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Italian River Cruises Great Option To Avoid Overcrowding, Specialist Says

09 July, 2014: An expert on cruises has recently written an article for a specialist website in which she offers Italian river cruises – as well as cruises in other less-booked European destinations – as an alternative for tourists wishing to steer clear of overcrowded tours and vessels.

According to the travel expert, while it is true that the growing popularity of river cruises is causing an inordinate number of vessels to take to Europe's waterways, this phenomenon is concentrated almost exclusively in the most popular countries and ports - mainly those in France and especially Germany. As such, the writer concludes, picking a destination where a lesser number of cruises moor may be a good way of avoiding the crowding and delays that normally come from too many boats cruising the same rivers and canals.

Picking a 'road less travelled' would also, according to the same specialist, prevent situations where the vessels are unable to moor in the centre of towns and locations, forcing the passengers to be bussed to such destinations. While building new docks could easily solve this problem in smaller towns and villages (or upgrading the existing ones) this is not always feasible, and larger tours in more popular countries end up suffering as a result. By opting for any one of the many Italian river cruises, passengers can avoid these types of uncomfortable situations, while still enjoying a scenic tour through quaint countryside locations as well as major cities and towns. This is therefore considered by the writer of the article to be a desirable alternative to cruises along France or Germany's more densely populated waterways.

Italian river cruises – and those in other European countries - are currently the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry, and are predicted to overtake seafaring cruises in number and volume of bookings in the near future. France and Germany are currently the most popular countries for a holiday of this type, but a number of other countries across Europe are gradually seeing more activity in this regard as well.

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