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AlogiA: Summer Tour 2014, New Video “Callis Ad Astra”, New Album “Elegia Balcanica”

14 July, 2014: AlogiA: the Serbian power prog rockers return to rock the Heavy Metal firmament and are thrilled to announce the new album "Elegia Balcanica", to be released on September 2014, via Miner Recordings and the first gigs confirmed for the Summer Tour 2014 set to take place in Europe in July 2014.

AlogiA Ad RockWired

18. jul - Golubac, Serbia
20. jul - Udine, Italy (+ Bluerose)
21. jul - METAL DAYS, Tolmin, Slovenia
22. jul - Zagreb, Croatia
25. jul - Muzlja, Serbia


The group has also revealed the front cover of the new album with artwork from the renowned artist Slobicus Doomicus.

To add to the increasing excitement the video of their third single, "Callis Ad Astra" (translated: The Path to the Stars") is finally available on line on AlogiA YouTube’s Channel http://youtu.be/daNNHU8mvEM

"It's such a powerful song that let you be fascinated by its Balkanic atmosphere. An innovative 'rendez-vous' between the power of Metal and the charisma of Eastern resonances. It's very progressive, and we are sure it would be interesting especially for Dream Theater's fans,” said the management about the release of the third single.

"The album is recorded in the Serbian language, so far, but we are thinking about a solution to record an English version, too. Anyway, if you like traditional prog/power metal music, you will love this. It will also have a little dose of Balkan atmosphere that makes it sound more unique.”

So: check the new brand video out http://youtu.be/daNNHU8mvEM

Join AlogiA on Callis Ad Astra (the Path to the Stars) And see ya all on this unmissable Summer Tour 2014!

Contact: AlogiA.Submissions@gmail.com

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