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New Book Trailer Endorses Tiger Woods Cheating Ways

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS, July 19, 2014: In 2009, the world learned that the number one golfer in the world was also a serial cheater, which totally took the media by storm. Now, with the release of the book trailer, Every Man Wants More Than One by P.R. Paige, readers will be reminded of the Tiger Woods scandal in 2009.

Every Man Wants More Than One

Woods is considered by many to be an American success story and a multi-ethnic superstar, dominating a historically white sport. He had a gorgeous wife, two beautiful children, and a wholesome image that netted him millions in endorsements.

So what went wrong? Why was Tiger Woods so driven to have such numerous extra-marital affairs?

It’s no secret that many politicians and entertainers are exposed for having affairs. David Letterman, President Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor Elliot Spitzer and many others have been exposed for their cheating ways. This may leave many people wondering if these men, who seemingly have it all cannot remain monogamous, then how can they?

Whether or not monogamy is realistic has been debated for many years and will continue to be discussed for many years to come.

In Every Man Wants More Than One, author P.R. Paige explores these same issues as the lead character makes a bold decision to turn in his marriage license for a more untraditional, something totally outside-the-box type of relationship. His position is: Why try to make something work that is totally unworkable.

Though Every Man Wants More Than One may be a fictitious tale, it is sprinkled with many truths, and the author hopes that his outrageous story will begin an ongoing dialogue about American culture. The author does not advocate infidelity. The point is that expecting a person to be monogamous “till death do them part” may not be in the cards for many.

This romantic comedy, Every Man Wants More Than One will be available Christmas Day, and the book trailer can be viewed at www.youtube.com/user/prpaige.

P.R. Paige is an author and screenwriter. He lives in Evanston, Illinois.

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