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How to recover deleted word files from Lenovo IdeaCentre B750

19 July, 2014: The Lenovo B750 cuts a different desktop footprint than other all-in-one PCs, just because it takes up so much room. The screen itself measures 29 inches diagonally, but it's an entirely different aspect ratio, so that translates to a shape that's wider and shorter than a regular 16:9 monitor of the same size would be. You won't mistake this for a high-design all-in-one like the Apple iMac or even Dell's excellent XPS 27, and at 32.5 pounds it's heavy enough that you'll want to move it only when absolutely necessary.Lenovo's B750 all-in-one desktop PC isn't the first system we've seen with a wider-than-normal screen, but it's still a relatively rare animal. And, with a discrete GPU, high-end CPU, and excellent IPS display, it's also a fun alternative to run-of-the-mill all-in-ones, and hopefully something we'll see more of in the future. The B750 swaps the usual 1,920x1,080 screen, a 16:9 aspect ratio (the same as HDTV screens), for a 2,560x1,080 screen, which works out to 21:9, or the same as many theatrical release films. Technically, the aspect ratio is 64:27, but that's commonly rounded to 21:9. This wider style of display may never become a mainstream trend, but it's a nice change of pace and serves three major goals. 

Use "Undelete" to recover deleted word files from Lenovo IdeaCentre B750 hard drive. 

Use "Unformat" to recover word files after format Lenovo IdeaCentre B750 hard drive. 

Use "Recover partition" to recover word files if Lenovo IdeaCentre B750 hard drive partition changed or damaged or deleted. 

Use "Full Scan" to recover lost word files Lenovo IdeaCentre B750 if partitions show as "raw" or recover files which can not be found with "undelete"and "unformat" and "recover partition", recover files from raw partition, recover files of partitons which are not NTFS, nor exfat, nor fat32. 

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