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Beat The Summer season Sun With a Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Sunshade

21 July, 2014: It's something to block the sun when riding down the road, however exactly what about seat that's been sitting in a parked automobile for hours? The Freddie and Sebbie car seat sunshade cares for that.

Car Seat Sunshade

Sunshades for cars are quite usual, but they likewise stretch across the front windscreens. That keeps the motorist's seat and the front traveler seat from getting hot, but it not does anything for car safety seats in the back.

"The children' care seats can get just as hot as your seat," stated Freddie and Sebbie company spokesman Neil Speight. "Think about how it feels when you sit down on that hot seat. Now, envision putting your child down on the very same thing.".

For children old enough to communicate, it make not be as bad. They can mention to a parent the seat is too hot and be raised and away. Smaller children, specifically babies, cannot tell moms and dads exactly what is wrong. They simply get on the hot seat and shout until it not burns and already, skin damage could be a truth. A seat sunshade prevents that.

"Remember, a seat warms not simply in the summer, but in the spring and fall too. Depending on where you live, it can even be quite brutal in the winter season," Mr. Speight said.

The Freddie and Sebbie car seat sunshade has the lifetime service warranty. If it ever tears up, send it back for a free replacement.

To learn more about the Freddie and Sebbie line of products, happy go to http://www.freddieandsebbie.com. For certain details and ordering for the safety seat sunshade, happy check out http://www.amazon.com/Car-Seat-Sun-Shade-Cover/dp/B00LOE7FG8/

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