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How to recover partition table from Alienware Aurora

22 July, 2014: Alienware best from its old bulbous alien-head case designs, but the new look takes a more angular approach. Alienware has also abandoned the old bug-eyed effect for a more armored appearance, but overall the new case has a similar silhouette to the original Alienware design.

Around the case you'll find a few unique design touches. Push the Alienware logo on the top of the case and the main drive-bay door slides down mechanically to reveal the Blu-ray drive and media card reader. There was no front-accessible hard-drive bay in our review unit, though, nor does Alienware offer one as an option for this system.

On the top of the case, you can push down a panel on the leading edge to reveal the USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and audio inputs. The ports all face the rear of the case, which means you can't see them from the front of the system when you want to connect something. To remove the case's side panel, you lift up a tab on top of the case on the rear-facing edge.

The Aurora shipped with two mechanical hard drives: a 1TB SATA300 drive and a faster 2TB SATA 600 drive. That's a lot of storage, and in comparison Maingear's 1.25TB total storage space seems small. That said, Maingear included a 250GB solid-state boot drive and a 1TB mechanical drive for storage.

Most of us need to separate our hard drives into several partitions to manage our multiple data for different usage. But we accidently encounter a circumstance that when we try to access one of the partitions a dialogue box pops up: "Disk Disk/Drive is not Formatted..." or PC shows no partition. The above situation demonstrates that your partition table is broken. Do you have no idea about what caused these happened or how to recover the partition?

Use "Recover partition" to recover lost files quickly after partition table corrupte.

Use "Full Scan" to do deep scan for recovering lost files after partition table corrupte.

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