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Ya Cai China Factory manufacture diverse ranges of POP and POS displays

China, July 22, 2014: Display is one of the most critical and significant part of any successful marketing and sales venture. People step forward to know more about only those products that they can notice and they can notice anything only if it has been appropriately displayed. Ya Cai China Factory play a crucial role in the marketing and sales campaign of many companies. It manufactures diverse range of corrugated display for different exhibition and showcasing requirement. Its ranges of products are pallet displays, dump bins, standees, boutique displays, PDQ displays, paper crafts, boutique boxes and packing boxes.

Ya Cai specialises in manufacturing corrugated displays for various types of showcasing requirement in shopping malls, departmental shops, exhibitions, etc. There are different types of displays for different requirement such as displays of food items, milk, drinks, magazines, books, cards, phones, light apparels, etc. Each type of corrugated display has is different in shape, size and volume than others so that the full range of products can cater to wide requirement as it can. A pallet display is a common at any shopping mall, departmental store or exhibition. Pallet displays are designed with shelves, lines and hooks to display the relevant products.

A dumpbin display is a cheeky way of making items attractive to customers. Such type of displays is gaining popularity in contemporary shopping malls and particularly in exhibitions. Dumpbin displays can also be found at some public places such as airports. They are not dump bins for throwing trash but are designed with resemblance to dump bins. They are usually used when lots of similar items are to be displayed and stored simultaneously and it does not matter which piece is over which one. However, Ya Cai manufactures creative dump bin displays that can be used for different display purposes.

The most important feature of the Ya Cai displays is their eco-friendliness. All products are manufactured in compliance with the Green code. They are non-hazardous and recyclable. However, Ya Cai does not compromise on quality of the products in the pretext of Greenness. Every corrugated display manufactured by Ya Cai undergoes strict and comprehensive quality verification process. The company has its own factory over an expanse of 15,000 square-metres and the entire process of production is completed in the factory. Ya Cai has invested considerably in technology infrastructure and has its own laser die-mould cutter, super outsize CTcP UV-setter, coating machine, offset printing machine, etc. Ya Cai has strong relationship with Olay, Disney, Pepsi, Barbie, Home Depot, Tesco, DG, Carrefour, Walmart, etc.

About Ya Cai China Factory:

Website: http://www.corrugated-display.com/

Ya Cai China Factory manufacture wide varieties of POS and POP display units. Its office is located LaiFu Building at Stree Fuyong of Bao’an District in Shenzhen. It has fully-equipped 15,000 square-metre factory in Gongming Town.

For Media Contact:
Yacai Display (Sz) Limited
3rd Floor, Poxinglong Industrial Building,
3rd Industrial Zone, XiaNan, Shang Village,
Gongming Town, ShenZhen, China
Tel: +86 0755 29728501
Fax: +86 0755 27399197
E-mail: info#popyacai.com
Website: www.corrugated-display.com

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