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Planned New Airport Could Widen Range Of Options For Tourists Travelling to Crete

22 July, 2014: A planned new airport, currently in its early stages of development, could help make life easier for tourists travelling to Crete, a specialist airport publication reported last month. 

The new infra-structure, the costs for which are thought to amount to around €800 million (£634 million), is expected to be completed in 2019, and is one of the spearhead projects for post-economic crisis Greece. According to the same report, the Greek government is giving this project high priority, and negotiations to choose a company to take over the construction process are already said to be underway. 

According to the same piece, this new project has attracted the attention of a number of international firms, which are reported to be vying for the rights. The strongest competitors in this regard are said to originate from China, France, Germany and Spain, although the Greek government’s final decision will not take place until after November of this year, when the deadline for applications expires. 

If the project does go ahead, this airport – to be called Kastelli Airport – will replace the existing infra-structure currently used by passengers travelling to Crete, Heraklion airport. Heraklion is said to be close to maximum capacity, and is also considered outdated for the current needs of the island. Should it come to fruition, Kastelli would have the capacity to deal with roughly seven million passengers per year. 

The same piece also reports that the company that ends up winning the battle for the project would have a 35-year concession on the lands. Along with the airport itself, the managing company in charge of the location would also benefit from planned improvements in road structure, both around the airport and further afield in Crete. 

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