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Fairtrade Gold Engagement Rings Soon To Be More Easily Obtained

22 July, 2014: Couples seeking a gold engagement ring created from Fairtrade gold or other ethically sourced materials have typically had to put in a lot of effort to find these, sadly, elusive creations. The recent appointment of Ashish Deo as CEO of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is hoped to raise the profile of this cause and promote greater use of Fairtrade materials throughout the industry. 

Independent jewellers such as Jon Dibben, who was one of the first designers to offer pieces that bore the Fairtrade and Fairmined dual stamp that guarantees that the materials have been sourced responsibly, have done their best to meet the growing demand despite the saturated high-street offerings. 

Mr. Deo’s position will commence on the 8th of September and he will be based in London. His international background and experience includes working, in the past, with leading luxury and international consumer brands as well as recently holding the position as Commercial Director for the Fairtrade Foundation. 

The consumer demand for ethical sourcing practices in the creation of gold engagement rings and other fine jewellery is growing and it is believed that the RJC has a significant leading role to play in this movement. Mr. Deo’s experience with major consumer brands throughout Asia, North America and Europe means that he will bring strong strategic and commercial skills to the RJC and its efforts to expand their reach to Asia and beyond. 

The RJC’s Chairman, James Courage, said that “The Board of the RJC and I welcome the appointment of Ashish Deo who will bring a depth of experience in strategic and geographical skills. He will strongly complement the current management team to support membership growth and support services in all markets.” 

In the efforts to bring Fairtrade gold engagement rings and fine jewellery into the mainstream market Mr. Deo will help the RJC to be the representative for the industry to whom others can turn to for guidance on establishing best business practices with a focus on responsibility. 

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