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How to recover deleted files from Motorola Moto G phone SD card

24 July, 2014: For a phone with such a low unlocked price, I admit I expected the Moto G to feel cheaper than it does. My prejudices were quickly assuaged the moment I picked up the device. The Moto G feels almost as good in the hand as its more expensive sibling, the Moto X. That's because the newer handset has many of the handsome design elements I love in Motorola's current flagship model. The Moto G's standard 8GB allotment of internal storage (16GB on premium versions) is less impressive compared with the Moto X's base 16GB and 32GB options.Motorola dialed back the Moto G's processing power as well. Under the phone's hood is a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor paired with Adreno 305 graphics and 1GB of RAM. It's less muscular than Motorola's X8 processing platform tucked inside the Moto X, which consists of a 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro (dual-core Krait) backed up by 2GB of RAM and quad-core Adreno 320 graphics.

Use "Undelete" to recover deleted photos from Motorola Moto G phone SD card

Use "Unformat" to recover photos after format Motorola Moto G phone SD card

Use "Recover partition" to recover photos if Motorola Moto G phone SD card partition changed or damaged or deleted.

Use "Full Scan" to recover lost photos Motorola Moto G if partitions show as "raw" or recover files which can not be found with "undelete"and "unformat" and "recover partition", recover files from raw partition, recover files of partitons which are not NTFS, nor exfat, nor fat32.

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