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Telegraph Provides Guide For Family Travel Insurance Purchasing

25 July, 2014: Leading British periodical The Telegraph recently published a feature on their website advising holidaymakers on how best to pick a family travel insurance package, or any other type of holiday cover plan.

Published in early June, ahead of the holiday season, the article begins by detailing some of the options holidaymakers have when looking for the perfect family travel insurance. One interesting item of information to retain from this section is that, oftentimes, differently-named insurance operators will simply be offshoots of the same company, so a lesser-known company may in fact be affiliated to a household name within the industry. Travellers are therefore advised to do some research prior to contracting the policy, to ascertain whether this is the case.

The piece then goes on to list the essential features holidaymakers should be looking for when browsing for cover plans, particularly where family travel insurance is concerned. These included a number of common items offered by most, but not all, holiday insurance policies in the market.

Among the items included in this list, and considered mandatory for any insurance policy, are coverage for lost and stolen baggage, coverage for missed departures, cancellation cover and coverage for valuables. Families are also advised to look into the conditions offered for medical coverage, stepchildren, and claims resulting from excessive alcohol consumption, although these are not considered mandatory.

Travel coverage is simultaneously one of the most important and one of the most often neglected aspects of planning a holiday, and recent studies have revealed that a staggering number of holidaymakers, both in Europe and abroad, still neglect to contract a policy prior to leaving their home countries. This tends to result in disappointments and complications, once situations arise where cover would have been necessary. Even travellers with insurance often see their claims denied, which led insurance salesmen and specialists to issue recommendations towards checking the policy’s small print prior to purchase.

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