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Lower Spring Demand For A Ski Chalet: La Tania And Others Pay For Poor Winter

25 July, 2014: A recent report in a dedicated winter sports portal speaks of a decrease in demand for accommodation in a ski chalet. La Tania and other Alpine resorts are said in the same piece to have been less densely populated in the early spring of 2013/2014 than in previous seasons, with the blame for this decrease in volumes for what is normally a steadily in-demand season resting on a number of factors.

The first reason behind the lower volume of demand for winter chalets in the Alps this year, when compared to the past few spring seasons, is said by specialists to be associated to the poor overall quality of snowfalls across the region. This was not a particularly good winter for the French and Swiss Alps where volumes of snow were concerned, and that led to fewer winter sports enthusiasts looking to book a ski chalet. La Tania and other usually reliable resorts with regards to snow depth were particularly affected by this phenomenon, the article considers.

Another important aspect causing the often significant drops in demand for accommodation and packages in the period between mid-March and April is said to be the later date at which Easter was set this year. With this holiday – a popular excuse for winter enthusiasts from all over Europe to take to the slopes – falling later in the calendar than usual, many holidaymakers who would usually book accommodation for this period were forced to pass up on their holiday, a tendency that obviously reflected in the lower sales numbers presented by many operators around Europe’s main mountain ranges.

Finally, cost is also deemed to have played a part in this slight decrease in numbers, mostly as collateral for the other two factors. With snow levels being far from ideal and the school Easter break falling later than usual (not to mention the controversy about term-time holidays currently raging in the United Kingdom), many families may have considered the expenditure associated with this type of break was not worth undertaking this year, as opposed to previous spring seasons.

The Alps were the main mountain range affected by this drop in demand, but it also extended to nearby resorts in the Pyrenées, for instance.

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