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Alpine Mountain Biking Is Top Summer Activity For The Region, Portal Says

25 July, 2014: Alpine mountain biking has recently been ranked by a luxury travel blog as the number one activity to engage in in the Alps region this summer.

Appearing at the top of a list of ten entries, cycling the challenging, diverse Alpine routes was considered by the online feature’s author to be the most appealing of all the sundry summertime activities to be enjoyed in the Alps. The diversity of routes on offer – whether for downhill or road mountain biking – as well as the presence of essential infra-structures such as ski lifts, help make a day of Alpine mountain biking an extremely appealing proposition, not just for cyclists, but for sports enthusiasts in general, the piece considers. The author also urges potential Alpine holidaymakers to not miss out on the ‘open col’ days, when they will be able to cycle a number of especially reserved Alpine ‘cols’ without the interference of traffic.

Aside from Alpine mountain biking, activities the feature writer considers worthy of featuring in a Top 10 of summertime options for that region include ‘wellbeing weeks’ – as the name indicates, week-long retreats focusing on wellbeing treatments and methods, including yoga, Pilates and meditation – as well as a variety of sports, from the more relaxed golf or lake swimming, to the more daring and extreme, such as rafting, rock-climbing, parapenting and rappelling. Fine dining – an option not usually associated with the Alps, but definitely available in the region – completes this author’s list of enjoyable summertime activities in Europe’s largest mountain range.

Alpine mountain biking has been growing in popularity in recent years, as more and more cycling and fitness enthusiasts become aware of the possibilities that area offers for a summer holiday. Articles like this should only help boost interest in the sport, hopefully making it even more widespread in the near future.

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