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Jail mail application developed for the incarcerated to communicate easily

United States of America, 28th July 2014: It is very difficult for people who are in jail to contact their relatives and close ones. Technology can make it easier for them to stay in contact with the people close to them and feel better. Though this could be a difficult task as it could be risky to provide the prisoners with these types of apps but a good support system can help in making this possible. One of the apps that has made this possible is jail mail app. This app helps in making sure the incarcerated are not forgotten and also helps them in correcting corrections.

Innovation has come a long way and it helps people stay in contact from any part of the world. Though the prisoners might have gone wrong in some phase of their life they deserve to stay in contact with their family. This could also help them meet their responsibility towards their family and become a better person in life. This would help them share their photos and messages through the application that would be installed in the special smart phone that is made for the incarcerated people. Though the prisoners have the freedom to send electronic letters to their family members but the jail authorities would be able to keep a security on the correspondence through the kiosk machine.

Though the kiosk services existed before but they required some corrections with few hardware upgrades. The new upgrades and server improvement made the service faster and easier to operate. People at home can easily send photos and letters sitting in their house and the person in the prison would need to log in through the kiosk machine to have a look at the messages sent by their loved ones. This app can also be used for social encounters where the jailed person would be able to interact with the people whom he wants to meet. It includes his lawyers and office colleagues.

This makes it easier for case management and having proper documentation. The technological advantage would also help them make a sick call and request their family members to contact a doctor for them. Sending various grievances and updating the visitation list becomes easier with speedier staff communications. The main aim of this technological advancement is to keep the prisoner socially active. These apps are secure enough and they the professionals make sure that it is not mismanaged by the prisoners. The apps are used in the jail only once the warden approves them after having a thorough check. Since the warden has complete control over the functioning of the app there are no manipulations possible and it is completely secure.

About Jail mail kiosk:

Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/notforgottenllc/jail-mail-kiosk-correcting-corrections

Jail mail kiosk is an application that helps in providing the incarcerated with a facility to stay connected with their family and relatives. This app is developed by Not forgotten LLC and is completely secure.

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