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Kindlymall sells genuine Michael Kors and other branded watches

The United States of America, July 28, 2014: Wrist watches have stood the test of time. Clocks are one of the most significant instruments ever invented by humans. It has gone through modifications and the innovation of wrist watches was one alteration that made timepieces easy to be carried. Nowadays, watches are used not only for checking time but also as a symbol of status, formality and ornament. Kindlymall is an online shopping site that makes purchase of elite branded watches convenient for prospective buyers. It is dedicated to sales of only luxury watches such as Relojes Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and DKNY.

The internet is steadily getting more and more integrated into everyday life of common man. Today, online services are used to do much of the chores that earlier demanded time. Ecommerce is one of such online services. However, there is considerable difference in the operations of Kindlymall and just any other ecommerce platform. The former is dedicated retailer and wholesaler of branded watches. So, customers can expect exclusivity in product and its services too. Besides, the specialist nature of Kindlymall keeps its website clean and uncluttered, which makes searching for desirable items easy for surfers. There are separate sections guess watches Guess men’s watches and DKNY ladies watches and so on.

Kindlymall is not a new venture, though not old as vintage either. The online wholesale and retail platform has more than 4 years experience in sales of Michael Kors rose gold watches and other brands in the same class. The company follows the rules of ecommerce to the core but with its own unique effect to provide satisfaction of the highest degree to its customers. Its fully and entirely online nature lets customers have genuine branded watches at considerably low price. The products priced not only affordably but various discount offers and deals too. Thus, the effective price of even luxury watches becomes quite affordable.

There is more to Kindlymall than just high profile wrist watches, affordable price and attractive offers. The online wrist watch shop provides high degree customer service too. PayPal, Western Union and Skrill are the accepted payment systems and a number of credit and debit cards are supported for the same. After booking and payment, the goods are delivered via some of the renowned courier service providers such as DHL and EMS. The company provides 100% refund if the order is cancelled after payment and before shipment. The shipment is free but custom charges are payable by customers in case of international delivery. The return policy of Kindlymall is customer-centric too.

About Kindlymall:

Website: http://www.kindlymall.com

Kindlymall is an online retailer and wholesaler of wrist watches. It sells watches of only select elite brands. It has been exclusively in the wrist watch business for 4 years and started its online venture in 2013. It has earned reliability and receives orders from all parts of the world.

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