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New Mesa Emergency Dental website will help 24/7

30 July, 2014: Dental emergencies demand attention right now. With authority! Now there is a new Mesa, Arizona, dental emergency source ready to help every minute of the day or night. Contact Emergency Dentist has emergency dental centers all over the Mesa and Phoenix area and can be reached at any time by calling 480-376-7191. They will put the caller in touch with a dentist who can treat the problem and they will provide information if needed regarding dental insurance and claims. The operators will also advise on the best procedures to follow before seeing the dentist. 

The website, www.emergencydentistmesaaz.com , and emergency phone number serve the entire Mesa and Phoenix area. The physical office is located at 3707 East Southern Avenue, Suite 302, Mesa, AZ 85206. The site contains a short video explaining the service plus an excellent summary of dental care everyone should follow. 

Contact Emergency Dentist stresses the importance of everyone being aware of the role good dental care plays in keeping the entire body in good health. These are some tips for proper oral care: 

• Brush the teeth daily. Twice daily or more is better.
• Floss at least once a day so food particles stuck between the teeth do not build up.
• Avoid using the same toothbrush for more than three or four months.
• Using mouthwash is a good addition to flossing and brushing in reducing bacteria, but it should not be used as a substitute for a good fluoride toothpaste.
• Try to avoid eating sugary foods which can lead to plaque buildup.
• In case of a dental emergency such as a cut or lost tooth, gargle with warm water and salt. The salt will reduce any toxins that may cause infection.

The entire and only purpose of Contact Emergency Dentist is to help those in the Mesa and Phoenix area with dental emergencies find the appropriate dentist to relieve their problem. This is the website and phone number to contact for that help:www.emergencydentistmesaaz.com, phone 480-376-7191.

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