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Dr. Joseph Goodman is a popular cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills

The United States of America, July 30, 2014: A smile can often make or break relationship, career, deals, etc. However, teeth are not just for beautiful smile but they are an essential part of digestive system of human body. Therefore, taking good dental care is equally important for all. Naturally, adequately cared teeth are healthy but may not be perfect in appearance. That is where the expertise of Dr. Joseph Goodman plays a crucial role. Dr. Goodman is a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. He is a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). His specialty is relevant especially for celebrities and public personalities. 

Dr Goodman received post-graduate training from USC and UCLA. He was a participant in Prosthodontics department, which emphasizes complex and large cases or combination of both in restorative dentistry. He also lectures on cosmetic dentistry as a guest in different institutes throughout the World. He has affiliation with many prestigious dental organizations such as Royal British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, International Academy for Dental Facial Aesthetics, German Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, German Dental Association, Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry, American Medical Association, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicity and others. 

He uses crowns and veneers made of porcelain as restorations. Dr Goodman has the distinction of being the first dentist to use porcelain veneers in Germany. Porcelain veneers were not common in early 1990s, when he first used it. His effort was initially dismissed as unpredictable, short term and unrealistic even by his colleagues. Today, veneers placed by the Los Angeles dentist continue to serve patients even after 2 decades and those that have been replaced were replaced due to change in shade. 

In his clinic, the Los Angeles cosmetic dentist does not limited his service to any specific aspect of dentistry and practices all procedures in his dental in Los Angeles as deemed suitable to meet the demand of the patients. Invisalign or invisible braces are incorporated into cosmetic dentistry too. Besides, dental implants, laser dentistry and teeth whitening are also counted under cosmetic dentistry. In fact, it is an advice to follow when looking for a dentist that the professional should have completed training in complex procedures such as temporal mandibular joint, centric relation, full mouth occlusion analysis and Gnatology. Dr. Goodman is capable of full or partial mouth reconstruction too. 

His dental clinic in Los Angeles is sought after destination for correction of smile and making teeth nicely lined for an impressive smile. He is associated with Dr Phil and other TV anchors, celebrities, physicians, dentists and current and former Playmates also constitute his clientele. 

About Dr. Joseph Goodman: 

Dr. Joseph Goodman is a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. He is a DDS and DMD from University of Aachen in Germany and has completed post-graduate training at USC and UCLA. He is among the pioneers of porcelain veneers and is affiliated to many dental organizations.

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